We will be closed from June 14th-June 23rd. If you are local, you can find products at Magpie Tales in Mason, MI.

About Tindall's Tavern HCG

My name is Rachel Tindall and I am Owner of Tindall's Tavern Handcrafted Goods.  I started making soap about 23 years ago when I had a lot of spare time.  Life got busy so I stopped making it.  I missed this hobby so I started back up again about 12 years ago.  I haven't bought a bar of soap from the store since!  I love the creamy lather that you get from homemade bars plus there are no harsh chemicals.   When I started back up again, I was only giving away my soap to friends and family.   I had the opportunity to start selling my products in 2013.  I have always liked experimenting in the kitchen with food recipes so I really enjoy coming up with different soap recipes and other body care recipes.   The possibilities are endless!  2023 is my 10th year being in business!

I am a mom to three beautiful girls (ages 19, 16, and 11) and have been married to my husband Brett for 19 years.  I am currently working part time outside of my home and when I am able to, I try to make all of these wonderful products.  I sure know how to keep busy!

My soap batches are made from scratch in 3-5 pound batches using the cold process method, poured into molds, hand cut, and cured for several weeks.  Ingredients can and will vary from batch to batch.  Due to the handmade nature of these product, irregularities can occur. I went from just making soap and wax melts to offering various body care items and scents for your home, such as lip balms, salves, beard oil, soy candles and more! You can find select products at Mr Miller's Art Emporium in Douglas, MI; at Modern Pharmacy in Cheboygan, MI;  at Magpie Tales in Mason, MI; and at Kersh's Market in Germfask, MI (in the UP). I am hoping to get products into more stores in the near future!

Cold Process soap is made by mixing fatty acids and sodium hydroxide (oil & lye) which then triggers the saponification process. Saponification is the chemical reaction that occurs when an oil or fat is mixed with lye.  The cold process method is my favorite method because you are always in complete control of what goes into your soap.  You create it from scratch and it mixes science with art for an awesome crafting experience!

If you have never tried handmade soap or body care products, you are in for a treat!  You will never go back to grocery store soaps or beauty products again! I love that I can control what goes into my products and that there aren't any harsh chemicals. 

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I offer a pick up option if you do not want your items shipped.